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Located on the Hualapai Tribal Lands west of the Grand Canyon National Park, the West Rim of this iconic canyon sees over 1 million visitors annually. Owing to its proximity to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon West Rim is easily accessible via road and air. Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon are particularly popular and offer one of the most surreal experiences of the Grand Canyon. The West Rim is also the only part of the canyon where you can land at the bottom via helicopter.

The most popular attraction at the West Rim, apart from the jaw-dropping landscape, is the Glass Skywalk. Imagine walking on a sheet on glass, staring into a seemingly bottomless abyss that is the Grand Canyon!

At the West Rim, you can also visit the Havasu Canyon, Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point and Guano Point - lookout points in Grand Canyon West that offer spectacular views of the formations. You can also go whitewater rafting through Hualapai River Runners, about 90 minutes from the West Rim.

Why Go For A Grand Canyon West Rim Tour

  • Feel the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as you soar over the breathtaking Grand Canyon West.
  • The West Rim is the only section of the Grand Canyon where you can land at the bottom via helicopter, thus making it the only rim where the canyon floor can be visited as part of a day trip.
  • Enjoy adventure activities such as white water rafting and pontoon boat rides.
  • Stand 4,000 feet in the air as you walk out 70 feet past the rim of the Grand Canyon on a platform made entirely of glass and steel.
  • Avoid the large crowds that flock to the South Rim and enjoy a more intimate experience.
  • Gaze out from multiple lookout points, including the famous Eagle Point and Guano Point.

Things to do at Grand Canyon West Rim



One of the West Rim’s most exhilarating features is the man-made Skywalk. Situated across from Eagle Point, this tremendous U-shaped glass bridge juts out 70 feet from the canyon’s rim, giving guests the chance to stand 4,000 feet in the air. An impressive architectural feat, pair the Skywalk with an air tour and truly experience the West Rim.

Eagle Point and Guano Point

Eagle Point & Guano Point

Directly across the Skywalk is one of the Grand Canyon West’s most important features, Eagle Point. A massive stone wall featuring the unmistakable shape of an eagle, Eagle Point is revered by the Hualapai people both ancient and modern. Also situated in the West Rim is Guano Point - a nearly mile high peninsula that offers a complete 360-degree view of the canyon. Summit the point for the highest view of the canyon and get swept away by the incredible feeling of being immersed in the canyon’s walls.

Champagne Picnic

Champagne Picnic

Descend 4,000 feet in your helicopter and land at the bottom of the canyon, on a private plateau overlooking the magnificent Colorado River. Pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy a lunch as you take in the awe-inspiring views surrounding you. Afterward, walk around and explore river bank before ascending back up to the rim.

Boat Ride

Boat Ride

After taking a thrilling helicopter ride into the bottom of the canyon, embark on a small hike to the river docks. Pass through a plethora of desert flora and fauna and maybe even spot an elk. At the dock, board a pontoon boat and take a soothing cruise along the Colorado River.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Perfect for adventure lovers, be prepared to get a little wet and dirty as you take on the rapids of the Colorado River. A rafting trip offers incredible views of the mile-high canyon walls rising on either side of you. Hear the rushing of the river as you voyage through six sets of rapids before the river evens out.

Getting to Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas

There are several methods of transportation from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Keep in mind that if you prefer to travel by road, it is still possible to do an air tour. You can board flights directly from the Grand Canyon Airport.

By Helicopter

From Las Vegas - 45 minute flight

Helicopter tours leaving Las Vegas depart from McCarran Airport, located only 10 minutes from the strip, or Boulder City Airport, situated 30 minutes outside of downtown Vegas.

By Airplane

From Las Vegas - 30 minute

Airplane tours leaving Las Vegas depart from Henderson Executive Airport, located 25-30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas, or from Boulder City Airport, 30 minutes outside of Vegas.

By Coach

From Las Vegas - 3 hours

Let someone else take care of the driving and navigating as you sit back, relax, and take in the sights from your window. There are several tours that offer transportation by coach as part of a Grand Canyon tour. Travel through the Colorado River Valley and the Mojave Desert as you make your way towards Arizona. Stop at the O’Callaghan - Tillman Bridge – the new Hoover Dam bypass and take in the magnificent views of the dam. Some coach excursions also stop a Joshua Tree Forest, where you can watch traditional dances and cultural performances at the Native American Tribal Park. Once you’ve reached the rim, board a helicopter or airplane and enjoy an air tour of the canyon. Most coach tours include lunch.

By Car (self-drive)

From Las Vegas - 2 1/2 hours

Kick start your Grand Canyon adventure with a road trip! Pick and choose where you stop along the way as you travel along the original American Mother Road - Route 66.


  1. Take US-95/US-93 South towards Kingman, AZ
  2. Turn left and take Pierce Ferry Road
  3. Turn right onto Diamond Bar Road and stay on this road
  4. Continue on to Buck and Doe Rd
  5. Turn Right onto Airport Service Road to Grand Canyon West Airport for shuttles to the rim and Skywalk

Please Note

No private vehicles are allowed at Grand Canyon West beyond the designated parking area.

Visiting The Grand Canyon - Practical Information

Best time to visit the Grand Canyon West Rim

Peak season for the Grand Canyon is during the summer months, from June to September. While these months attract large crowds throughout the park, the West Rim still remains significantly less crowded than the South Rim. In terms of weather, spring and fall are the most pleasant time to visit the Grand Canyon West Rim. Early spring and early November are especially good times to catch pleasant weather, while still beating the crowd.

Grand Canyon West Rim weather

Given its close proximity to Las Vegas, weather at the West Rim is generally similar to that of Las Vegas. Spring and fall months average daytime temperatures of about 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer can get quite hot, peaking at 110 degrees F. During the winter, it can get quite chilly with daytime temperatures floating at around 40 degrees F. However, unlike the North Rim, the West Rim remains open year round, even during the winter.

Grand Canyon West hours

April - August: 7 am - 7 pm

September - March: 8 am - 6 pm

Grand Canyon West culture

Grand Canyon West is run by the Hualapai Tribe and is actually not considered a part of the National Park. Nonetheless, it is certainly still a part of the Grand Canyon, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about Native American culture.

Grand Canyon West Rim FAQs

What is the Legacy Package?

Grand Canyon West is privately owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe and requires the purchase of a Legacy Tour Package for entry. It includes a self-guided tour of all points of interest at Grand Canyon West, as well as unlimited use of the hop-on hop-off shuttle to Eagle Point, Guano Point and the Hualapai Ranch. If your Headout tour includes landing at the West Rim, it is safe to assume the tour price includes your Legacy Package. In addition, some tours include a meal coupon, which includes a meal at any of the on-site canteens, excluding the Skywalk Restaurant.

Do helicopters have wheelchair access?

Helicopters can accommodate a wheelchair for flights. However, you will need to have a collapsible wheelchair, as well as someone can assist with boarding.

What is the age of a lap child?

Children under 2 years can sit on the lap of an adult during all helicopter tours. You will be required to present a birth certificate for confirmation.

Can I bring a bag on my flight?

Unfortunately, no. To protect the glass paneling from scratches, personal items including cameras and cellphones are not allowed on the Skywalk. But, you can purchase a souvenir photo from a professional photographer. You’ll also be required to wear fabric shoe covers to prevent scratching.

Will there be places to eat at the Grand Canyon?

Food services are available throughout the park. Most full-day tours include meals, or allot for time to grab a bite at one of the canteens on the premises. Bringing outside food into the Grand Canyon West is not permitted.

Can I take pictures at the Skywalk?

Unfortunately, no. To protect the glass paneling from scratches, personal items including cameras and cellphones are not allowed on the Skywalk. But, you can purchase a souvenir photo from a professional photographer. You’ll also be required to wear fabric shoe covers to prevent scratching.

Grand Canyon West Fast Facts

  • You might recognize some of the scenery at the West Rim from the big screen; movies including “Into the Wild” and “Next” are among the films that were recently filmed there.
  • The first people living in the canyon were the Paleo-lndian (Ancient Native American People) 12,000 years ago.
  • Located in Grand Canyon West, the Skywalk is the closest, most accessible section of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.
  • The famous Skywalk project was funded by Las Vegas developer David Jin at a cost of around $40 million.
  • Each year, over 1 million people visit the West Rim making it the second most visited section of the Grand Canyon.
  • The West Rim is not a part of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe.